Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mega ToWatchPile Update Part Ni (2) - Horror Mania

Hullo everyone. I'm back with part ni of my Mega #towatchpile update. For this post I'm going to go through some of the horror films (dodgy or otherwise) that I've been watching. Please bear in mind that I'm using the term "horror" quite loosely. That means that I'm including the zomedies and anything else that contains horror themes.


Well seeing as I've already mentioned the zomedies, I might as well start with them. There's 2 that I've recently seen for the #towatchpile, Zombieland and Fido. So much awesomeness. I'm not gonna review Zombieland beyond saying it was hilarious and awesome and it was really good to see Woody Harrelson doing what he does better than mos. If you want more than that then read one of the MILLIONS of reviews around.

As much as I love zombie movies, I really don't think any of them have ever made me go "awwwww, how cute!" until Fido. A twitterbud (@Heavenztrash) described it as Lassie with zombies, which is a more succinct synopsis than I can come up with (trying not to start chanting "succinct synopsis"). The acting is fab, especially Billy Connolly as Fido. He says more with his facial expressions than a lot of actors can do with a 10 minute monologue. Anybody who enjoyed Shawn of the Dead will love this film. I really want a pet zombie...

These were some of the 2009 horrors that I hadn't managed to see before getting started on the #towatchlist (and were consequently added).

Drag Me To Hell

I thoroughly enjoyed this film from Sam Raimi. I liked the humor in it as well as the action. It wasn't scary, just entertaining.

The Hills Run Red
A little trashier than Drag Me To Hell, it was still an entertaining (if brainless) watch.

The Children
This one was technically released in 2008. I didn't hear about it til the end of 2009. To see my thoughts of The Children, head on over to The Paradise of Horror for my guest post.

Another series that I never watched in my youth was the Child's Play franchise. Even when I was at the age where I was allowed to hire out horror, Child's Play was never permitted. I don't think it's because my folk thought it would be extra scary, I just think they had no intention of ever sitting through it themselves! But now, thanks to some suggestions from a friend of mine, I have seen all of the Child's Plays and Seed of Chucky. The only one I haven't seen is Bride of Chucky.

So what do I think? I think it plays out much like a lot of horror franchises. The first is a relatively scary and entertaining horror film and it all goes downhill from there! Seed was ridiculous, but entertaining. I just hope they stop making them, though. The madness has gone on long enough.

That's the end of part ni. Come back tomorrow for part san :)


  1. I just commented on The Children at another blog, but not your review! Uncanny! I had it on my best of 2009 list and I consider it a 2009 film. It wasn't completely available to the general public in the US until '09, so that's kinda how I go about it!

    I haven't seen but have heard great things about Fido, so I need to check it out soon. I think it's on instant watch too! And Zombieland is a blast!

    I also loved Drag Me to Hell and thought The Hills Run Red was okay. LOVE the Child's Play films and Bride and Seed are hysterical!

    You're doing WAAAAAY better on your to watch pile than I am, that's for sure!

  2. Lol, I'm either watching like a crazy person or reviewing like a nutcase, but I can't seem to find a balance :|

  3. The Hills Run Red was indeed brainless but somehow entertaining.