Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Horror Weekend!

In more ways than one! Jeeby heebies, kids! What a weekend! I'm totally zombied on this Monday-est of mornings, so you'll have to excuse the typos, the ramblings and the tangents while I attempt to tell my story.

I'll start on Friday. What did I do on Friday? That's not a hypothetical question guys, I can't feckin remember...
Hmm. Watched Star Gate SG1 season 2 I think. It wasn't exciting. Maybe I shouldn't have started there...

OK. Saturday.
What did I do in the morning? God I'm tired.

Saturday Afternoon.
This I remember. I went to a friends house to help her move in. Now, this is fine. Helping friends move is always pretty tiring, but it has to be done (at least, it does if you ever want help for the same thing). So I did what I could, followed instructions and stayed on my feet for most of the arvo. We left around 6.20pm because I had to get changed.

To go to a concert of The Horrors.

Yep. I helped a friend move house before going to a live gig. Clever huh? I've also just realised that a lot of people reading this may have thought that "A Horror Weekend" may have meant that I spent a weekend watching horror films...
Hee! Ha ha ha! *Giggle* *Giggle* *Snort* *Sigh* Sux to be be you :P

Back to the gig.
It took place in a venue called The Amplifier Bar, which is a shite venue but seemed to suit the crowd. I felt old but that's no surprise. I managed to remember how to dress appropriately, but my hair wasn't big enough. Stretched ears and an eyebrow piercing made up for that though so I was able to conform nicely to the "total non-conformists".
 Alright, I'm taking the piss out of the crowd (and myself) but I promise that I won't be doing the same for the bands.

The support act was called Fabulous Diamonds. They were great! They're a duo from Melbourne I'd really like to hear more of. Repeating drumbeats with echoing vocals and electric organ melodies, I could have listened to them for a lot longer.

After an intro that was ridiculously long (seriously guys, that's not the way to rile up Perth audiences), The Horrors finally came out and started kicking everyone's arse. It was a really great gig, the sound was good (although the vocals could have been louder), the performance was great, and the crowd was happy. Two numbers that stood out for me were Scarlet Fields and Primary Colours. They didn't play "She is the New Thing" or "Jack the Ripper", but you can't have everything, can you? I was just happy to be in a place where I could dance around to music I actually like!

It was also a relief to hear Faris Badwan sing and know that his vocals are actually him and not some machine. There are too many "musicians" around nowadays that started in the studio. These guys are the real deal, thank God! Furthermore, Rhys Webb and Tom Cowan would swap instruments between them (bass and synthesizer) depending on the song (and album it came from).
Speaking of Tom Cowan, what a creepy mofo. Kinda glad he's found his outlet, if you know what I mean...

Once the concert was over, it turned out my weekend of horror was not complete. You see, me and my best mate volunteered to take care of the children of the friends who were moving, just to give them some space. So I wake up, deaf mind you, that concert was loud, jump out of bed and trundle back to the house I'd left the day before.

To keep the 3 kids occupied and hopefully tire them out, we decide to take them to the pools. 4 hours of swimming, eating, swimming and 1 exploding nappy later, do you think it was the kids who were tired? Hells no! It was the 2 adults skulling coke and coffee in a desperate attempt to outlast the children! It didn't work. I'm totally shattered. I don't even have the energy to yawn.

On the plus side, I just found out that The Big Pink are touring at the end of Feb, and Henry Rollins is doing a spoken word gig in May :D

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  1. It's a shame Faris doesn't use the surname "Rotter" any more; I always thought that was hilarious!