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As with all film buffs, I have a "To Watch Pile". These are films that I really want to see, or films that I own but haven't watched yet. Since I started this blog and started exploring other media blogs my list has been growing steadily. In recent months I've sent requests out for films of certain types to watch and my list has exploded.

This is not a bad thing. I have seen some absolutely incredible movies from these suggestions, discovered a great love of South Korean cinema, and had many a twittersation on the impact a newly watched film had on me. Hence I have no plans to stop asking for suggestions. Indeed, I've modified my blog so that the suggestion area is on a tab.

So, please, keep them coming! When I watch a film I will movie it to the "watched" list, and possibly make a new post about it. If there’s any movie at all you think I should watch, please post a comment. If I have seen it, I’ll add it to the list already crossed out (so that it isn’t repeatedly recommended). If you would really like to hear my thoughts on a film I've seen but not posted on, feel free to request.

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These are the films I need to watch:


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