Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus

Heath Ledger's (RIP) last movie.
Looks pretty spectacular!

I gotta say though, Terry Gilliam has the worst luck.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Music Exploration - Soundtrack

This is a bit of a series I plan to do. At the beginning of last year I found myself in possession of an iPod Touch. 8 gb, very nice. At the time I only had a 128mb player of no known brand, so it was a little bit daunting. This series will go through the different ways I used to fill it, starting with Soundtracks.

I originally filled it with the itty bit of music I already had combined with music from my best mate. Now, if I had to choose a genre to call myself, it would have to be punk (but I really do listen to all types). My best mate is into R&B and hip-hop. We do have crossover moments, but not really enough for me to leave my ipod the way it was. It was time to find more of "my" music.

So I started searching for new music. At first I thought "Easy peasy. I'll just pick my favorite artists and look up similar bands". Uh-uh. Does anyone know what you end up with if you do that? That's right. The most boring iPod in the history of iPods. Worse still, you end up with an iPod that lack inspiration. That means when you eventually realize you don't want to hear a single song on there, you can't figure out what you do want to listen to!

Then one day I was watching "The Departed" (great film) and for the first time, I clearly heard the song that was playing in the background. It was "Shipping Off to Boston" by The Dropkick Murphys. The next day I had it on my playlist.

The next film I watched was "P.S. I Love You" (good film). Towards the end of the film I found once again that I was paying more attention to the soundtrack than the film. The song playing was "If I Ever Leave this World Alive" by Flogging Molly. The next day I had that and a couple of other songs from the soundtrack on my iPod. A couple of weeks after that I had entire Flogging Molly albums.

From that point onwards I started listening carefully to the soundtracks of any film I found myself enjoying. Especially the ones that appeared to be trying to do something a little different. Nowadays I have music from every Tarantino film released (including "Inglourious Basterds"), "Juno", "O Brother, Where art Thou", "The Crow", "Tank Girl", and others that I can't remember.

So my point is that if you find yourself stuck for something new to listen to, try going through some of the more recent movies you enjoyed and checkout what's on the soundtrack. It can be pretty darn rewarding!

The Lost Symbol

I've just started reading "The Lost Symbol". For those who live under rocks, it's the new Dan Brown book. For those from other galaxies, that's the guy who wrote "The Da Vinci Code". If you still don't know what I'm talking about then I can't help you. Ask your mother.

Anyhoo, I'm enjoying it. I expected that I would but I have made a number of observations.

NOTE 1: If you are reading or want to read the book and don't want a single thing given away, stop reading now. I haven't finished, so I can't give away the ending, but I will be writing about the content.
NOTE 2: If you are a die-hard Dan Brown fan who can't handle him being criticized or ridiculed in any way, stop reading now. Well, you don't have to but don't bother complaining in the comments.

The first thing I've noticed is the formula. Certain things have a familiar feeling to them.
For instance, someone Robert Langdon knows has a secret (Da Vinci Code, Langdon had arranged a meeting with Saunière). Something happens to them. A clue is left (DVC: Saunière's message, Angel & Demons: the brand) that only Langdon can decipher. A person in authority thinks Langdon knows too much and isn't trustworthy, there is some involvement with a scientific discovery that will have philosophical implications (A&D) and there's a woman at a similar age to Langdon.

Oh, and there's a secret society of course. In Angels and Demons we had the Illuminati (and the Vatican), in Da Vinci Code we had the Priory of Sion and the Opus Dei, and now we have the Stone Masons (and something else I haven't been told yet).

And lastly, there's the use of the word "symbology". Why is it OK for him to make up words? Every time I read it I'm reminded of the scene in Boondock Saints ("What's the symbology there?").

So, how can I say that I'm enjoying it? Because I am :)
I enjoying it the way I enjoyed Transformers. Or all of the Indiana Jones movies. Because I'm not trying to make it into something it's not.
It's not award winning writing (or it shouldn't but probably will), it's not a new theory, and it's not original (as I demonstrated above). But it is fun, readable, and entertaining.

It's the same way that Day of the Woman blogger, Brittney-Jade Colangelo, liked Jennifer's Body. Because she knew what to expect, and expected it.

I want to know what conspiracy theory he's going to take on next. Flat-earth? Fake moon landing? Who knows :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Van Diemen's Land" makes people vomit!

This article from News.Com.Au states that people not only threw up at the the New Zealand screening, but some fainted during the first killing scene!

The film tells the true story of Alexander Pearce, an Irish convict who escaped the penal colony in Tasmania. He escaped with 7 others. They didn't make it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This better not suck!

The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day!

Who knew this was coming and didn't tell me???
I'd given up hope!!!

But... we never get anthing this cool!!!

Check this out!!

Seriously! A zombie walk in Perth!!!
I'm there.

I'm impatient :(


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