Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Go and see 9

That is all. 9-movie-poster

What? You want a reason? Pffft, no faith.

Well I really can’t be bothered reposting my review from so you can find it there. Instead I’m going to go through the numbers and decide what aspect of humanity they represent. (Why, you say? Go see the movie, says I).

  1. Caution. He would rather hole up indefinitely than be free.
  2. Invention. Or perhaps Insight. He’s interested in 6’s drawings instead of disregarding them as scribbles.
  3. &   4.  Memory and curiosity. They catalogue what they find and are always on the lookout for new things.
  4. see 3.
  5. The Observer. He watches.
  6. Madness? Or maybe Empathy. He seems to know some truths within his ramblings.
  7. Courage. She’s the only one to keep fighting when 1 creates his sanctuary.
  8. Protector.
  9. You could argue that 9 is all of these, but I think he’s Honour. He believes in doing what is right.

My favourites are 3 and 4. They’re awesome.

Let me know what you think of my assessment. Agree, disagree, think I’m reading too much into it, let me know! Tags: ,

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