Thursday, December 24, 2009

My First Premiere

Hi all.

Gah! I have so much to blog about so little bloody time! I'm on leave at the moment but do you think that means anything? Hells no, I'm on my 4th day of actual leave (not including weekends) and in that time I've only watch 2 movies! And one of them was a premiere in the evening! I need to go back to work so can find a bit more movie time...

But speaking of the premiere I went to, it was Sherlock Holmes and it was great :)
You can read about the actual movie here ( It was Cool (Shite) who gave me tickets, so I won't be reposting the review here. I'm a trained web developer so redundant information makes my eye twitch.

But I will go through my premiere experience here. See, it was my first time *blush*. I live in Perth, Western Australia (which I've menioned once or twice) so there weren't any stars at our premiere, but that didn't stop the cinema from getting all official. No mobile phones at all, and no recording devices at all, and they used the wand thing to make sure you weren't lying. I felt like mentioning that other parts of the world were already screening the movie and that it would only be of value for about a day, but there was a chance that would have resulted in "access denied" and I wasn't missing Sherlock Holmes for the sake of giggle.

Oh, and seeing as the coolshite review isn't really the place for it, I'd just like to mention that Robert Downey Jr is crazy hot in that film. Ca-raaazy hot. Just sayin.

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