Monday, December 14, 2009

I really should post something…

So here it goes.

Sorry for the few updates in the couple of weeks. ‘Tis the season, dontcha know, and that means there is not enough time for ass-scratching let alone blog-posting. I’ve got a few projects on the go that I’ve either been thinking about doing or already started but haven’t had a chance to post anything about them. So this is my update post.

First off, my last post mentions my review of 9 at I was put onto the site by KingMob ( and Kingmob6). He also  reviews for them and he remembered that I’m from Western Australia (big, big thanks again). I’m hoping to be doing more reviews for them. In most cases I’ll post a slightly shorter version of the review here and link to the full version at CoolShite.

Next up is my New Years resolution to empty my “to watch” pile. Again I was put onto it by a tweeting-blogging-blipping-movienut, this time Heavenztrash (In Nervous Convulsion and Heavenztrash). He’s set up a support group for those wanting to clear their unwatched movies in 2010. If you’d like to be a part of it, go here and post how many. You have until New Years Eve. I’ve already gotten started, but keep finding that for each movie I take off I end up adding 3 more. I’m at 70 unwatched, but I’m determined.

So determined in fact that I’ve decided to commit to watching the “1001 Movies to Watch Before You Die” list. See, I realised that a lot of the films on my “to watch” list are already on the 1001 list. Now, I’m not committing to get it done any time soon, I’ve just decided that if I’m renting movies for myself (don’t want to inflict my decision on others) they will be from the list. First I have to figured out what I’ve already watched though. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey thanks for the shout-out, glad you and the Shiters are a good fit! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the coming year.