Monday, November 2, 2009

Movies I Still Have to Watch

I've decided that I'd like people to continue to add to this post so I've added a link to it at the top of my blog. I there's a movie you think I need to see, please add it to the list at the bottom. Cheers :)

Hi all. I just read a post at The Day of the Woman that’s added yet another movie to my “have to watch” list. Since I started this blog and started exploring other media blogs my list has been growing steadily. I’ve decided to post them here so I can add to it. When I watch a film I will cross it off this list, but also make a new post about it.

If there’s any movie at all you think I should watch, please post a comment. If I have seen it, I’ll add it to the list already crossed out (so that it isn’t repeatedly recommended). I will also post the person who recommended it though, so no recommending crap films for shits and giggles.


In order to keep the post a little shorter, I've created a list using

These are the films I need to watch:


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So that’s a start. Let me know what I should add! Tags: ,


  1. I assume you have seen all of peter jacksons classics (brain dead, meet the feebles etc)

  2. Stop me if you've already seen these...

    Nightbreed - One of my fav's - I think this was the first Clive Barker book to be made into a move (he also did Hellraiser which is equally awesome although more of a gore fest)

    Black Sheep - It doesn't get much sillier

    Nightwatch & Daywatch - Russian Fantasy (not sure if the third part is out yet)

  3. Some great films in your to watch and already watched list. I will suggest a couple...actually, I will suggest a handful of great films that cover a lot of genres.

    Children of Men
    Suicide Club
    Ichi The Killer
    Them (Ils)
    The Thing
    Raging Bull
    and so many more, but I don't wanna just keep naming shit. I think that is quite a bit for now!

  4. If you haven't seen any of them:

    Dead Man's Shoes - Stunning revenge film from Shane Meadows starring Paddy Considine.

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - Robert Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer rattling off snappy dialog courtesy of the man who virtually invented the buddy cop actioner in the 80's, Shane Black. Great neo-noir.

    SLC Punk - Matthew Lillard stars in a look at 80's-era punks living in Salt Lake City Utah, alternately funny and touching, great stuff.

  5. Dogville
    Dangerous Liaisons
    Lost in Translation
    The Secretary
    The Returner (Japanese)
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Inside (French)
    The Thin Man
    Maltese Falcon