Friday, June 25, 2010

Sex and the City 2 AKA How to Undo Everything Good You Ever Did

Hi all,

sex-and-the-city-2-poster-371I know, I’m a little late on this argument, but I have 2 cents and I gotta give it to someone. I  watched Sex and the City 2 yesterday, and I need to vent.

I firstly should let you know that I actually enjoy the TV series. I’m not a die-hard fan, but I’m definitely not a hater. The TV series blew away stereotypes, and was the first series I could relate to as a single woman whose friends had become more important to her than her family. And it had sassy, sexy, ladies using the word “cunt” unapologetically. It made me laugh.

But then the first movie came out and I thought they’d kind of started to lose track of what the original point was. It was OK. My best mate fucking loves it, I’m quite happy to forget it was ever made. To me it was basically a really long ending. Which was funny, cos then they made another. They really shouldn’t have.

You see, the complaints that I had read about it had more to do with it not having the same spark as the series. That kind of complaint I usually disregard and make up my own mind. I knew going in that I wasn’t going to enjoy it as much as the people I was with, but I didn’t expect this. In terms of narrow-minded, patronising, judgemental racism, The Blind Side has fuck all on this pile of faeces. Note, I’m gonna spoil the fuck out of this, because I really have no respect for it. You’ve been warned.

For the first hour (in this 2.5 hr chickflick, don’t get me started on that) it’s just like an episode of the TV show. There’s even some of the snappy dialog that won me over in the first place! I started to think that I might even enjoy it! Then they went to Abu Dhabi and I went to hell.

*Sigh* It’s just… I mean… >.<

Bear with me, I’m trying to find the words.

As a film attempting to have something to add to feminism, this movie decided to make comment on the behaviour and treatment of women in the middle-east. It was so badly handled that I could not believe the script was approved. From the point that they arrive, Samantha walks around in next to nothing while Miranda chastises her for being disrespectful. YA THINK?? Of course, Samantha makes a big thing about her being a sophisticated, sassy, independent woman, and I get the shits on. You don’t go to someone else’s fucking country and shit on their customs and beliefs.

In an attempt to show some sort of lesson about respecting other peoples beliefs, Samantha is arrested for making out with a guy on the beach. After proving herself to be less of a sophisticated, sassy, independent woman, and more of a rude, disrespectful whore, her whole deal that had scored them the trip is called off and the girls are forced out of the hotel. Hijinx ensue and the girls find themselves in the middle of a market, surrounded by religious men, with Samantha throwing around condoms shouting that she likes to fuck. You know what? I like to fuck too. You know who’s face I don’t feel the need to throw that in? My Muslim friends. Nor my Catholic friends, come to think of it. And that’s here, where you can’t get thrown in prison for it.

burqa But the part that REALLY pissed me off, came just after that scene. The girls are rescued from being arrested by a group of women wearing traditional veils and robes. But wait! The women throw off their robes and display some of the most horrific “fashion” I’ve ever seen, proving that under the veils of tradition and faith, even the modest women of the East are as vain and obsessed with meaningless, materialistic crap as we Westerners are! So the girls learn that deep down, every woman, everywhere in the world, yearns to be exactly like them. Hooray!

Then, FINALLY, it ends. I turn to my friends, hoping and praying for a response similar to my own. I get “what was all the complaining about?”.

I blame Twilight.

I don’t really know why, but I just ranted for a long time, so it felt natural to mention it.



  1. Goodness that's painful. I have a similar S&tC relationship: I appreciated the show, enjoyed a few seasons with college roomies, then found myself getting more and more bothered by the final season. I hated that they forced a happy ending on the characters and blatantly used Barishnikov as a means to not make Big look like such as ass. Then the movie comes along where Big becomes an even bigger ass but we're supposed to forgive him because he also buys Carrie a really big shoe closet.

    A friend summed up some of the plot points on the sequel and I was appalled. How was there almost a holy war started after th eSouth Park Muhammad controversy but nobody seems to be complaining about this?

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